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Well hello there..

cattface is a UK lifestyle blog. I can't honestly say that I stick to one thing with my posts - there's a bitta beauty, a bitta fashion, but mostly its just me having a good rant about things in my life! Basically thinking aloud.

I'm Catherine, a 23 year old English graduate and more recently Fashion Journalism postgraduate drop-out. Yeah. I love to write, and right now, that's probably the only thing I'm completely sure of.
This blog gives me a little corner of t'internet to do that..and I'd love it if people enjoyed what I write :)

Other than writing - I'm fond of..

cats, arctic monkeys, james franco, films with subtitles, folk music, the north west of england, black heels, the smiths, randomly speaking german in everyday life, tattoos, doodling, sarcasm, travelling, the music of manchester, cross-stitching, fry and laurie, endlessly reading, bueno chocolate bars, max├»mo park, benedict cumberbatch - ergo BBC's Sherlock, 80s music, Celtic FC, the mighty boosh, horror films, boys who play guitar, lee evans,  bring me the horizon, spending money, being northern, canada, swearing, oscar wilde, LIPSTICK, brat pack movies, vodka and lemonade, yellow roses, complaining - about everything.

Stick around, you might read something useful and/or amusing. maybe.


'we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars'
Oscar Wilde

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