Tuesday, 15 April 2014

OOTD - rhythm panther

Gold Chain - Primark
Helders Rollerskates Tee - Arctic Monkeys Store
Dollar Sweatpants - Primark
White Lace-ups - New Look
Lipstick - Rimmel Apocalips 'Stellar'

lovelovelove Catt xx

Saturday, 12 April 2014

25 Things To Do.. update pt.1

July last year, I wrote a kinda 'bucket list' (see here) of things I'd like to do or experience before I turn 25 years old. These ranged from silly things, things I've always wanted to do and stuff that I feel will really improve my life basically making me a more happier person - which is the ultimate goal right?

So... I've managed to cross quite a few things off of my list these past few months, and I thought I'd give you a little round up of what went down..

1. Finally visit somewhere I've always wanted to 
(Canada, hands down. This needs to happen)
Oh Canada. I finally visited Montreal, Quebec this past February for a just over a month. It was fantastic..ly cold. But lovely. I really enjoyed exploring a new city, and having to dust off my French language skills. I got to meet some really cool people over there, but also enjoyed my own company a bit too to be honest. Space away from home, a change of scenery, and time to think/work. I did my best tourist effort - visiting all the city landmarks (despite the freezing cold weather/daily snow). My favourite being the Notre Dame Basillica which was absolutely gorgeous inside.
I'd definitely like to go back to Montreal and Canada in general - perhaps when its a little warmer though!

6. Be more impulsive
I will always been an organised person, and a great forward planner. But I've found that recently, I'm a lot more impulsive. Take the Canada trip for instance - of course I knew I wanted to go in advance, but when I booked it I literally just sat down and booked it all in one go (flights/hotel/everything) and went for it. And I felt better for it. Rather than sitting and thinking over things constantly - which leads to stress and anxiety (one of my biggest faults) - if you want to do something and it will make you happy - why not do it?

7. Take more pictures
Maybe its the new camera or the new phone or the fact that I've finally got instagram - but I really seem to be taking a helluva lot more photos nowadays. Outfit posts, selfies, picturesque scenery on a country walk.. you name it. See my instagram - here.

8. Read my writing and name in print
For the last few years I've been contributing to various online and print publications - writing about music, fashion, lifestyle.. pretty much all that stuff. And now I'm getting quite a little portfolio together - see here - and I only hope to keep it growing!

10. Watch all of the Star Wars movies back to back
I was brought up in a household of two religions - Star Wars and Star Trek. I know many people don't think that the two can live side by side, but believe me they can. My mother raised me with a love of both - whether I liked it or not. And even though I probably know the Star Wars films backwards, I'd never sat down and watched them all consecutively. I'm a bit of a movie-marathon lover. Like..as in, for days on end. I love it. So finally. I managed it. All 13 odd hours of it. And before you ask - I watched them VI-VII then I-III - I ain't arguing with anyone - but that's how they were made and meant to be watched. End of.
13. Keep up my blogging regularly
And lastly in this pt.1 catch up. Blogging. I feel like I've partially achieved this. I feel like I've been more inspired and blog posts have come to me without feeling in any way 'forced'. But I would like to get more of a routine/planning to posting and there's still a way to go. I feel like I know where I'm going with my blog a bit more now. Good times.

Pt.2 soon!
lovelovelove Catt xx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dating? Sorry I have a better offer..the gym.

I am single. 
It is a fact I live with everyday and have done for the last 2 years - but I have always thought this to be my fault - for I would not take the time to 'date'.
There's believing in leaving it up to fate, and then there's just hoping a boy will fall out of the sky. It seems a little effort is necessary..

Dating is a weird one. Not the act itself - I mean drinks, a meal and even a trip to the flicks sound perfectly agreeable - but finding someone to date in the first place is the tricky part.
A lot of people find love in the workplace. For myself, being a freelance journalist - I have no fixed place of work, travel regularly and spend most of my time curled up in front of my macbook communicating only via email. Not exactly grounds for love to blossom. Plus I've never really been a fan of dipping my pen in the office ink anyway.. if you know what I mean. Ha.

In today's society many of us are career-driven, especially from a young age.  After leaving school, college or university - striving to find one of those job thingys (well-paid and full-time if possible) is paramount. And when this happens, we're often left with only the weekend to play out.
Popular dating website, Match.com found in their LoveGeist study (which tracks the changing attitudes towards dating, love and relationships) that Saturday is indeed Britain's favourite day to date. In fact, weekend dates are nearly FOUR TIMES more popular than week nights. 
Even more interestingly - 81% of respondents said that they would be more likely to cancel a date on a week night. People would even rather go to the gym than on a date.
Maybe after a hard day at work..all you wanna do is take it out on the treadmill or dive head-first into a glass bottle of wine in front of the telly?
Its fair enough that t
he week nights are your own.. to work out, or slob out. Whatever.

But what does this say about our hectic modern lifestyles?
Turning down a possible hot date in favour of the gym? Sad times indeed..
Are we making it harder for ourselves to meet people? Do we have other priorities and concerns that we hold higher than actually venturing out for a date? Body image perhaps?  Or maybe we're just hoping for a hot gym instructor. Who knows?
LoveGeist also found that many excuses for having to cancel a date were illness (33%), having to work late (18%), being tired (19%) and being asked out by someone better (6%) - can we just not be bothered?

 When you're single, its very easy to become self-absorbed. And I don't mean that in a negative way. I just mean - you wonder how you even found the time to 'fit a boyfriend in'? What with all the soap watching, Facebook stalking and sitting around in your pants to do..when would you see him exactly?

Which leads me to the inevitable - meeting people online. Its become more and more common - with dating sites such as Match.com, but also the array of social networking sites we all love to hate. 
And despite the reported 'success' of meeting that special someone to date online (tales of loved-up marriages and what not..whilst trying to ignore any Catfish vibes) - it all sounds a little less romantic, don't you think?
My grandparents have this really cute story of meeting at an RAF base back in the 40s.. and how, after courting for a few months, my grandfather actually asked for my grandma's hand by letter. It sounds like another world entirely.
So maybe we can't all have that cuteness - but what makes online dating so attractive to us?
For starters, its easier to work around our busy lifestyles - half of us have our smart phones physically superglued to our hands 24hours a day anyhow. But what about self-confidence? We're all guilty of choosing the profile pictures that only show our good side, abusing the filters on Instagram and bigging up our lives a little in a status or two - but does hiding behind a computer screen (at least at first) give us that little bit of a comfort zone?
Its like a safety buffer between 'meeting' someone and then actually real life meeting them. 
Plus it gives us time to do a bit of a necessary vetting process for that prospective datee.
And there's nothing wrong with that.

Rather than "We met at work", its now more likely to be something along the lines of "It all started when he favourited my tweet" or "When he sent me a private message" - But maybe fate has just moved with the times a bit - who knows, that notification could spell soulmate..?
lovelovelove Catt xx
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Friday, 4 April 2014

"Women Are Just Like Cats"

There's been many an article or a blog post written on this topic over the years, but it was something my grandmother said to me the other day which made me think..

"Women are just like cats." she said. "The temperament, the actions, the coldness, the independence. Its easy to tell from the countenance of a cat, what mood they're in. - and that can be the same for women. But that can also change in a second. If a cat wants to be alone, you know about it. Its all in the characteristics, the traits."

She didn't just say this out of thin air. Her little cat, a sleek black female named Precious (no, really), was sat on the windowsill cleaning herself and ignoring all attempts from us to capture her attention. In truth, she's anti-social, unless its on her terms. She spends a lot of time up in her (my nanna's) room. Tell her how beautiful she is and she'll purr as loud as a steam train and tolerate you stroking her.. for all of five minutes, then buggers off again. She's contrary and she's fickle.. and this might be to do with the fact that she was once semi-wild. She's a lovely little thing, but she's not loving.. and while I'm sure there'll be some cuddly cats out there who love nothing more than their owner's attention and affection 24/7.. it just generally isn't the cat's way. Dog's are more dependant creatures. 'Separation anxiety' is a common thing amongst canines and their owners.. dogs rely on you for food, play, exercise.. I mean, you wouldn't dream of letting your dog out for the night on its own. 
A cat can be gone for a day and a half.. or longer and that's not too much out of the ordinary. We don't own cats, if anything we're their staff.. and I think its pretty hard to believe otherwise. Cats can fend for themselves.. look after themselves, hunt for themselves if necessary. Independence is their middle name. 

But how does this relate in any way to women? Well, not wanting to get too Destiny's Child on you all, but.. I think you know what I mean?
Furthermore, without wishing to sound too harsh upon my own sex, its true that women can be seen as unpredictable. Think of your cat.. sat on your lap purring away happily as you scratch him behind his ears, next minute.. he's got your hand in the vice grip of his teeth. 
A change of mood, but hey, that's a woman's prerogative right? 
Women like things on their own terms. They are complexed and difficult. Perhaps then, you could say that men like the simple things in life.. walks on the beach, a kick about in the park, meals on the table for them..

But wait.. am I then saying that men are like dogs?
That's another blog post.

No sexism meant guys, just emptying my head once again..
lovelovelove Catt xx