Tuesday, 24 December 2013

OOTD - birthday suit

I've been horrendous at blogging regularly whilst over in America. Massive apologies. I've missed a TWTW post.. baaaad blogger - but I've just been so busy in the run up to Christmas. Went to Boston on Friday with my sister and her two friends from over here.. for what I thought was just going to be an early night out for my birthday.. no, we went to see bloody Beyonce!?? Complete and utter surprise.. my sister got the tickets out whilst we were on the train and I was in so much shock that I didn't speak for a good half hour. Needless to say, Queen B was AMAZING. I really think that regardless of what music you're into - its kinda impossible not to be a fan of her. She's flawless.

Today is the big 2-3 for me ha. Doesn't feel much different I'll be honest.. but I can't sing Taylor Swift 22 anymore.. boo.. the day consisted of a lie-in, presents, onesie, crap daytime tv, getting a mani/pedi and beautiful meal and drinks with the girls. Anyway, here's what I wore today.. 
[ Grey Woollen Dress - H&M, Che Guevara Tee - Cuba, Patterned Tights - M&S, Boots - Primark, Feather Pendant with Turquoise Stone - a gift from New Orleans french markets, Lipstick - YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #19 Fuchsia in Rage ]

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I'm going to try my very best to blog a few times before new year.. but I'm actually heading to Las Vegas for it on the 27th for a week!! Busy bee.

lovelovelove Catt xx

Monday, 16 December 2013

The Week That Was #10

This week has included packing, travelling to my sister's in the States, snow and a Christmas treeeee.
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- Festive Roses - Snowman Costa - Sisters -
lovelovelove Catt xx

OOTN - drinks in mystic

Awful quality as taken on my Blackberry, but you get the idea. 
Now at my sister's in Mystic, CT. Jet lagged and not even unpacked - but out for a few ciders in the snow.
[ Jumper - Urban Outfitters, Denim Shorts - H&M, Belt - H&M, Tights - M&S, Boots - Primark, Necklace - New Look ]
lovelovelove Catt xx

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Week That Was #9

I've spent most of this week finishing off Christmas shopping - including buying a few new dresses for the festive season! Lunch with one of my besties and a chill out listening to vinyls with the furry one.
- Morrissey on vinyl - New Christmas dresses - Lunch at the Fig Tree -
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lovelovelove Catt xx

Saturday, 7 December 2013

..now i'm all over the shop.

I'm having a bit of a funny week. Trying to get my christmas shopping and wrapping done. Pack for America on Thursday. And on top of that, I'm ill. Coughing my head off.

I feel a bit all over the place. So much to do, but I just can't focus. I hate feeling like things are up in the air and not sorted or decided. I like things to be certain. And I still feel really unsure about a few areas of my life. UGH. I know I have so much to look forward to in the next couple of months, and I'm really grateful.. but I just can't seem to shake this unsettled feeling. /rant.
lovelovelove Catt xx
I made a mix too.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Review : Vitamin E products from the BodyShop

 Vitamin E Face Mist | Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream | Vitamin E Eye Cream

I'm not a big BodyShop buyer. I browse quite a lot, and I'm in love with their Wild Rose Hand Cream - but its very rare that I spend much in there. Early last month, I gave in and decided to treat myself. Of course, BodyShop had their 3 for 2 offer on skincare so I took advantage of that and turned to the Vitamin E products. My skin type is mainly dry and having tried products with vitamin E (an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin) from various other shops before - I thought this range would be a good investment. I purchased the Face Mist, the Nourishing Night Cream and the Eye Cream - after using them regularly for the past month, I thought I'd give a little review of each.

Vitamin E Face Mist ~ £8.00
I was first compelled to try this after my friend (a former BodyShop employee and skincare expert) recommended the similar Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz product from there. I'm more of a fan of rosewater scent, another attraction for me with this range, and so sided for this. Described by the BodyShop as "a quick skin pick-me up and excellent for setting make-up. Spritz it on for instant refreshment, moisture, and protection.". True to its word - I've found that using it for setting makeup, it works very well, and dries seconds after you spray - as long as you hold it at the recommended distance away from your face, otherwise you just end up with wet makeup! I can imagine it would also work well to freshen up on a warm day as it is very refreshing, but I'll have to wait until the summer months to try that one out properly. The rosewater scent, as I mentioned above, is also beautifulll. And a very handbag-friendly product!

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream ~ £11.00
This is definitely my favourite of the three. I'm a huge believer in night-time skincare - including removing makeup (ALWAYS), definitely cleansing and using a good moisturising night cream. A best seller, this cream not only smells fantastic but is so thick and silky to apply - great for those of us with dry skin. The BodyShop claims the product "Intensively hydrates. Works when skin is at its most receptive. Leaves skin soft and smooth" and even the morning after, my skin still feels moisturised. Would definitely recommend this little beauty - I'll be repurchasing!
Vitamin E Eye Cream ~ £10.00
I may only be 22 (and 11months), but I've noticed a few laughter lines around my eyes appear - and while I'm not too paranoid about such things, I figured I'd give an eye cream a try. The BodyShop promises that this product "Hydrates skin in the eye area. Reduces the appearance of fine lines. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Gentle massage helps reduce puffiness". After using it every other night the past month, I've definitely noticed it improve the puffiness and appearance of the lines I have. I wouldn't say it its made a ground-breaking difference, but then again, its not like I have any major crow's feet going on. Although, they do say you should start anti-ageing skincare in your 20s..

See more of the Vitamin E range at The BodyShop here.
lovelovelove Catt xx

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

OOTN - Christmassy Family Meal

Last night, I went for a family meal with my sister, mam, and all four grandparents. My sister lives in the States and is home for a couple of weeks before I go back with her for the holidays. So as we won't get Christmas Day at home, it was like our little family Christmas early.
[ Dress - Primark, Shoes - New Look - Earrings - were a present, Bracelets - Topshop ]
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lovelovelove Catt xx

**apologies for crappy Blackberry photos - just wanted to show the gorgeous Christmas decs :)

Monday, 2 December 2013

So er.. I dyed my hair again - [L'oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss (515 Chocolate Truffle)]

BUT ITS STILL BROWN!! It's still brown! I promise!
I just had to do something as it had faded so much and I didn't want it to look rubbish by new year. It's been driving me crazy this past month, as I mentioned here. I'm going to Vegas and really don't want the photos haunting me.
I chose a semi-permanent colour from L'oreal. I've already used the Casting Creme Glosses in the Platinum Blonde shades back when I was a blondie and was impressed. This time I chose shade 515 Chocolate Truffle. I'm a bit of a home dye veteran, so it wasn't difficult and only took around 45 minutes to do completely - but I think the whole product is pretty easy to use in general*. It comes with paper instructions, gloves, a tube of colourant, developer creme and a bottle of shine enhancing conditioner.

As you can see from the photos below, its a lot darker - but then again, my hair was almost back to blonde! I'm really liking it so far, just got to get to grips with my changing up my makeup a little - although it only lasts up to 28 shampoos so we'll see..
lovelovelove Catt xx

*If you've never dyed your own hair before, go to the hairdressers! It's really not worth the hassle of getting it wrong or staining your clothes/bathroom/skin. Its tricky and can take practice - I've done my own hair since I was 14. If you really want to do it, have a friend help the first few times.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Week That Was #8

Another week has flown by.. and now December's here. ARGH.
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