Saturday, 31 August 2013

OOTN - black & florals

This should've been posted last night, then I totally ran out of time and had to hot-foot it to the pub to meet the girls! Just an outfit for drinks really. Quite casual, but with heels (my comfy ones!)
[Floral Jeans - American Eagle, Black Vest - H&M, 3 Gold Chains Necklace - Forever21, Black Shoe Boots - New Look, Bracelets - Topshop, Nail Varnish - Technic in Mars ]

lovelovelove Catt xx

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind?

I know the real phrase is 'tidy desk, tidy mind', but I don't just have a messy desk..
I have a messy wardrobe, messy dressing table, messy bedroom floor.
I've seen many bloggers write posts giving advice on de-cluttering your space. This isn't one of them. This is me just venting about how bloody stressful it is!!To be honest, its never really been uncluttered in the ten years I've had this room. But after moving to and back again from uni, plus a short-lived move to LDN - I seem to have accumulated enough stuff for around 4 houses, never mind one bedroom.

My most recent challenge/struggle has been attempting to sort the bugger out. I never really realised just how much rubbish I've held onto. Old posters, old perfume bottles and photographs seem to be the worst culprits. Its ridiculous.
In fact, I did not know where to start. I knew I wanted a nice, uncluttered space.. but I just seem to have so much stuff.

In the end I decided to tackle my clothes/accessories first.
 Bag up for charity shop.
piles soon sprang up. I tried to be really ruthless. The amount of handbags I'd totally forgotten about was unbelievable. I always just use to same 2 or 3 nowadays. Hopefully someone else will find a use for my discarded yet decent belongings..

I'm now facing the issue that is my bombsite of a dressing table. Plus all the other random crap that seems to be lying around. I've had a shift around and changed the layout a bit. The cat really wasn't sure when I first moved the bed away from the wall, the confusion on his face was evident.
confused puss
My mam and I also purchased a tall bookcase to provide me with some much needed further storage space! We built it this evening, the air was blue, I won't lie.
I feel like things are starting to come together a little. Once I sort the dressing table, there's just the question of rearranging my posters/pictures.
Its been a bit overwhelming, especially when not realising to begin with just how much stuff was in this poor space.

I really think once its done, I'll be able to work better, and feel much calmer.
If anyone wants to buy me a present, just gimme candles.

lovelovelove Catt xx

Monday, 26 August 2013

What's The Verdict? - cheap makeup

Today's post is a ramble about our beloved war-paint. 
I'm no makeup expert - I've always stated that. I enjoy wearing it, but I make no secret in the fact that my knowledge/usage is very basic. I know what I like - I tend to find a product I like and I'll buy it again and again. Its very rare that I'll stray from my usual beauty products - unless I spy a new lippy that is. There's always room in my makeup bag for a new lipstick.

For many of us though, getting that new foundation, eye liner or fancy set of brushes seems a life-or-death situation, but also sadly beyond reality - our bank balances just won't stretch that far enough! Makeup is certainly not a cheap love affair. Drug store brands may be cheap..ish.. but it all adds up. And especially if we crave the MAC's, Laura Mercier's and Clinique's of the makeup world.

But are the hefty price tags really worth it.. every time?
I detail my spends foundation-wise in this previous post - but otherwise I tend to stick to drugstore brands.. my most dear purchases being from Max Factor.

I don't have the luxury to spend on anything else.. and I wouldn't really know what I was buying any how. When I first started wearing makeup, I begged-stealed-borrowed from my older sister (a makeup veteran in her own right). Then every Christmas, small cheap no-brand makeup sets would appear in my stocking. Sets of garish eyeshadows, lipsticks and cheek tints - that I had neither the expertise or the want for really.

Back then, they seemed ugly and unwearable. But in more recent years, they've been little treasure chests - full of new items to add to my makeup bag - without having to spend a penny.
Amongst other stuff, the lipsticks in these sets have been an absolute God-send. I've mentioned previously about my absolute favourite lipstick, a no-brand itself and how I'll be lost without it - I'm desperately searching for a near-as-damnit replacement currently.

When I do have to dip into my pocket for a new beauty product - the MUA stand is a must. Plenty of decent products for £1! or under 3quid at least. Its crazy cheap if you think about it. Other purse-friendly brands I regularly frequent are as follows- NYC, Collection2000, Miss Sporty, Rimmel.

I'm not slamming the more expensive makeup brands, but I think its important to remember, you don't have to spend a fortune to have a great makeup collection! Invest in something every now and then - but maybe a have a dig around in those old makeup sets or head to the drugstore - you never know what you might find!
lovelovelove Catt xx

Friday, 23 August 2013


I'm currently reminiscing like mad and listening to the album Think Before You Speak by a band called GoodShoes. It reminds me so much of being 16. Absolutely glorious music.

lovelovelove Catt xx

Hair Cares..

I'm having a dilemma. If you've read some of my previous blog posts, like this one, you'll know I'm a bit of a tyrant when it comes to my hair. I just cannot leave it alone.
My big problem is - I get bored easily..I see a hairstyle I want, I get it..then after two weeks the whole cycle starts over again. It's also sods law that I seem to manage to pull off whatever style I try. I've had extensions, I had a bob, I've shaved the side of my head.. whatever, I'll try it.

So I recently posted a list of goals I've set for myself - see here - and its not surprising that one of them reads..
 '24. Leave my hair alone for at least a year' 

I won't lie. I'm pretty worried I won't be able to manage it. Right now, I'm light blonde, growing out a fringe, and really trying my hardest to grow it. But I've already started having second thoughts, not so much on the length issue.. but the colour. I've been blonde countless times in the last ten years, and I know it takes some work to keep it looking at its best.. not to mention the inevitable roots!

[currently platinum blonde & indecisive]
So I've been thinking of maybe trying another shade.. and then trying to achieve my goal of leaving it be for a bit. I'm naturally a dark blonde colour, but I don't think I want that.
I've actually bought a couple of hair-magazines, y'know the ones they have in the hairdressers? - and I'm really drawn to the auburn and reddy-brown shades. Argh I dunno.. I think I need to have a chat with my stylist...

And then.. I promise, I give my poor locks a break..

lovelovelove Catt xx

Thursday, 22 August 2013

OOTD - Je suis avec la bande

[Je suis avec la bande tee - H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams, Zebra Print Dress - H&M, Chunky Gold Necklace - Primark, Black Super Chunky Cross Strap Platform Heels - Limited at New Look]

See this look on my Lookbook

lovelovelove Catt xx

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A catch up.. family reunion

I haven't blogged in a week or so. Yesterday, I returned for a 10 day trip to the states where my sister lives. I was out there for a month over Christmas and new year, but this time I went with my parents - so it was literally a family reunion, the first time we've all been together since she moved over a year ago.

Its a strange one. My dad works away 90% of the time, so we're very rarely all together at the same time - so it was nice, it kinda felt like me and my sis were kids again, doing things all as a family.

We spent some time at her house in Mystic, CT which was lovely. But we also spent 4 days in NYC (my parent's first time) doing every tourist-y thing we could - Central Park, The View revolving restaurant, Time Sq, seeing the Lion King on Broadway, the Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and finally Bateaux New York (the dinner cruise) - which is my favourite, you get to see the whole of the city skyline lit up as it turns dark - its actually magical. I'd definitely recommend doing it if you can.
The fairground at Central Park

So after a lovely break, I'm back home ready to get some work done.
I have a few posts coming up this week. Watch this space..
lovelovelove Catt xx

Thursday, 8 August 2013

1D meets MUA

So I'm fully aware that every blog, beauty or otherwise, has probably covered this - but this isn't exactly a review, more of a love letter. These products have brought together two of my most favourite things - lipstick and One Direction.
Image sourced from
Superdrug isn't my usual haunt for makeup, but the other afternoon I found myself wandering in and having a little browse. A browse that took me to the MUA stand. Its no surprise that the latest thing 1D have put their name to is cheaply-priced drugstore makeup - I mean, their target audience are tweenage sweethearts - its a perfect marriage. 
I'm a bit of a sucker for pretty packaging and clever branding - and while dismissing the nail varnish and lip balm also on offer - I went straight for the lipsticks, which are of course, my vice.
All named after songs from the boys' back catalogue, featuring their signatures and a pretty embossed bullet - these £3 lipsticks were attractive to say the least.
I've got my share of reddy-shaded lipsticks in my makeup bag, so I thought I'd venture over to the pink-side and give Zayn's shade 'I Wish' a try. Mr.Malik also happens to be my favourite lad of the lot..a happy coincidence.
A great bubblegum-pink colour, this lipstick was actually pretty moisturising considering its price tag and I thought it looked great with minimal eye-makeup as its so striking in its own right.
I'm so impressed, I'm planning on purchasing one or two more. I'm thinking of trying out Louis' bright lavender pink shade next. I only wish I suited the coral shade of Liam's effort - I'm a bit too pale to carry it off unfortunately!

What do you think of this latest makeup release?
Have you tried these lipsticks?

lovelovelove Catt xx

Friday, 2 August 2013

OOTD and FOTD - lunch date

Today I'm off to meet the girls for lunch. It's been such a funny morning - dull one moment, then throwing it brilliant sunshine! So I was humming and harring over what to wear. It seems to have settled on sunny so I'm braving it..
[Vest - Motel, Navy Cigarette Pants - New Look, Gold Ballet Pumps - New Look, Gold 3Chain Necklace - Forever 21]

For my makeup I've kept it simple with a slick of Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner and my Rimmel Apocalips gloss in 'Nude Eclipse'. Other products used as are follows..
-Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation [100 Ivory]
-Garnier Roll-on Anti Dark Circles
-Max Factor Powder Creme Puff [Translucent]
-NYC Cheek Glow Powder Blush [652 West Side Wine]
-Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil [Hazel]
-L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara [Extra Black]

lovelovelove Catt xx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

thinking aloud : Is Pale Really That Interesting?

Summer is still in session and its actually been a pretty hot one - even if we weren't lucky enough to jet away somewhere red-hot! Regardless, some of us may've not exactly managed that bronzed glow we all so desire during the summer months - unless, like myself, you got it out of a bottle.
The girls of MTV's Geordie Shore
The TOWIE ladies in all their bronzed glory
I am naturally pale. In fact, my skin doesn't seem to respond to the sun at all. No burning - just nothing (except a sprinkle of freckles). So when and if I do decide to bare some skin, I automatically reach for the fake stuff. But why? Why shouldn't I bare my pins in all their natural glory? Why is the tanned (or tangoed in some cases) look so popular among our society? With shows like The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore on our screens, our youth culture especially seems to be obsessed with getting a tan. Pale skin may not necessarily be 'in fashion' in this day and age. However, hundreds of years ago it was the skin tone synonymous with beauty and aristocracy in Britain. The old phrase "pale and interesting" is one my mother constantly brings out whenever I complain about my complexion.
yep, I'm pale!
Its true, there are many a celeb who do go against the grain and totally work the pale look. One who immediately jumps to mind is Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud fame. The red-headed beauty has admitted that she initially struggled with her pale complexion, using self-tanning products and comparing herself to her fellow band mates. Eventually she ditched the bronzed look and embraced her natural pale skin tone, going on to launch Dainty Doll in 2008; a make-up range targeted towards those with paler skin tones. And if you are a pale lady, you'll know that finding a foundation (especially a drugstore one) can be a challenge with many 'ivory' tones coming out more orangey than anything.

Other celeb ladies ditching the tan and celebrating their paleness include Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, Amanda Seyfried, Taylor Swift, Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Adele, Anne Hathaway, Dita von Teese and Emma Watson to name only a few!

Despite this, fake tan still seems to be a popular purchase and I'm very much guilty of not wanting to bare without it. Spray tans, mousses, wipes and insta-tans. The ease of being able to turn into a bronzed goddess (hopefully streak-free) in the space of an hour for a night out is too much of a opportunity to miss for most of us. Especially if the weather's rubbish or you haven't had time to nip on the sun-beds. Which raises the other main plus - getting your tan in a bottle is quicker, but also ultimately safer than catching rays.

While, for some of us, it's just simply part of our beauty routine - for many, its more a self-confidence thing. After a week in Tenerife with the girls, I came back looking paler than they did going out there! More like a Twilight cast-member than a bronzed beach beauty. It can be a bit of a drag. Who can blame a girl for wanting a golden glow - after all, it exudes a healthy and happy aura. I can't count how many times I've been called 'washed-out' or asked if I've been hiding indoors when its been sunny. There seems to be a stigma - as though being pale were against the norm?

Maybe pale is just how I am. Tanned is always an option and I do relish in being able to step out with bronzed pins come Saturday night.
But next time I might try and be brave - bare my skin au naturale.

How do you feel when it comes to faking it?

lovelovelove Catt xx

[Images sourced from The Guardian, MTV, instyle,]