Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review : Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

In this post I will be reviewing the 'Wake Me Up' foundation from Rimmel (1fl oz 30ml). The shade I used was 100-Ivory.

For a few years now, with regards to foundation, I've religiously been a Mac girl. My skin tone is really pale, and I always found that drugstore foundations (even in the palest shades) made my skin appear slightly orangey, or clearly a different colour from the rest of my body (neck, hands etc). 
For a while, I used Max Factor 'Colour Adapt' foundation which was good, but I found as I grew older, the skin on my face changed and this no longer felt or appeared right on my skin.
So when I finally turned to Mac, I had a much better experience. The makeup artist on the desk matched my skin to a shade (Studio Fix Fluid - NC15) perfectly. And since I'd had such good recommendations from friends, I didn't mind the more expensive price tag. I still stand by this product, as I feel the shade and coverage are faultless. However, using this all year round was becoming an issue. I found Mac to be a bit too heavy on my face during Summer or warmer days in general, I needed something lighter - I haven't ever really dabbled in tinted moisturisers, maybe in the future - so I was looking for another foundation - and I found it, back on the drugstore shelves!
Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' foundation has been a hit with many this past year. I'd seen the adverts, but hadn't really paid much attention as Rimmel was a brand I wasn't too familiar with. Then I saw one of Zoella's videos where she recommended it highly. She praised how light it was, the coverage it gave, the smell and texture - I was won over, as I always find her reviews trustworthy.

In drugstore's such as Boots and Superdrug, the product was retailing at £8.99, but I saw it on offer randomly in Wilkinson's for £4.99, so snapped it up there.

Firstly, the bottle was really quite pretty. I love orange so the bright lid attracted me loads. And the fact it was in a glass bottle was a plus too - it didn't look like a drugstore product. 
 The smell was also very pleasing - kind of fruity, but not. The bottle reads 'Anti-Fatigue Effect + Radiant Glow' - Once on my face, the texture was so light, it left a dewy appearance on my skin - making me look refreshed and not washed out (a worry for me being pale). I'm so used to matte foundations, that this was a pleasant surprise. It really did make me feel more awake. 
The coverage, true to Zoella's word, was pretty impressive for such a light product. I suffer from minor breakouts now and then, but I tend to have quite dark circles under my eyes and this really did cover them. It doesn't wear off throughout the day either.

I would really recommend this product to others. It has restored my faith in cheaper foundations. When wearing, I find it suitable to wear on its own as it just makes my skin feel and look great - alternatively, I sometimes finish it with some light powder (usually MUA Pressed Powder).

This is a product I'll definitely be repurchasing.

lovelovelove Catt xx


  1. I really want to try this out! Great review!
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    1. ah thankyou! its definitely a favourite addition to my makeup bag :)
      cool, i'll check out your blog


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